Are you looking for gas safe engineers that you can rely on to carry out a boiler service in Middlesex? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Middlesex Plumbing & Heating our service is second to none. Firstly we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the plumbing and heating industry. As a result of this we have been serving many happy Homeowners, Landlords and Estate Agents throughout Middlesex as our numerous 4 and 5* reviews highlight. Our success is based upon customer satisfaction, that’s why it’s at the heart of everything we do.

All of our heating engineers are gas safe registered. This means that we are able to work on all types of gas boilers including LPG. In addition to this, All of our engineers regularly attend courses by all of the UK’s major boiler manufacturers, namely VaillantGlow-wormWorcester BoschIdeal and Baxi

Our boiler engineers work daily throughout Middlesex and surrounding areas conducting boiler services on all makes and models of boilers.

Boiler services in Middlesex, how much do we charge? 

Our fixed price for boiler services is just £65 including VAT. This is our price for a standard annual boiler service on all makes and models. 

Every 5th year, or if your boilers CPA (combustion performance analysis) results are out the limits set by the manufacturer then the boilers heat exchanger will need stripping down and cleaning to bring this back into limits. In this event, our price is £100 including VAT for an extended boiler service.

In addition to our boiler services we also conduct central heating health checks for £40 including VAT. However we offer this service for just £20 including VAT when coupled with any boiler service.

 Speak with our team today on 07395 536 682 or use our quick contact form to send us a message to arrange your boiler service in Middlesex.

Why should you have annual boiler services?

The main benefit of having annual boiler services carried out every 12 months is increased efficiency for your boiler. Thus saving you money on energy bills. In addition to this, regularly serviced boilers are less likely to develop faults and breakdowns. An often overlooked point when it comes to boiler servicing is that all boiler manufacturers will only uphold there boiler warranty if it is annually serviced by a gas safe registered engineer. Don't put your warranty at risk, the costs for a new boiler are close to 30 times that of an annual service.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to boiler services. Always have your gas appliances fitted and maintained by Gas safe registered engineers.

boiler service


A standard boiler service on all boilers consists of:

  • CPA (combustion performance analysis).
  • Ensuring all safety controls are working as designed.
  • Inspection of boiler casing and seals for leaks and defects.
  • Removal of internal dust and debris.
  • Checking of gas pressure.
  • Adjustment of Air/Gas ratio.
  • Checking of fan pressure.
  • Electrical safety test.
  • Inspection of condensate pipe.
  • Cleaning of condensate syphon.
  • Boiler service report to document what's been done.
  • Signing of boilers 'benchmark' service book.

Don't forget for all new boilers, failing to having a boiler service carried out every 12 months will invalidate your manufacturer's warranty.


At Middlesex Plumbing & Heating, our central heating health checks consist of:

  • Bleeding all radiators.
  • Inspecting central heating system pressure and topping up if necessary.
  • Checking all 2 port and 3 port valves.
  • Testing all air bleed and drain off valves are functional.
  • PH & inhibitor level test and topping up if necessary.
  • Inspection of circulation pumps.


Speak with our team today on 07395 536 682 or use our quick contact form to send us a message to arrange your boiler service.